A poem begins with a lump in your throat ~~ Robert Frost

MEMORY & COMPLICITY coming Spring 2018, Mercer University Press

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We find our own stories in Eve Hoffman’s poetry — affirming, bearing witness both intimate and epic in the time flow of the second half of the 20th century.           ~Paul Root Wolpe, Director, Center for Ethics, Emory University

In Memory & Complicity we feel Georgia red clay under Hoffman’s bare feet on the dairy farm where she grew up; walk with her though an exhibit of one hundred and fifty postcards of lynchings. We see a girl in a yellow dress at the synagogue her great-grandparents founded–- the synagogue bombed four hours later by white racists. We see black-faced jockeys in front yards. We listen to lullabies written in the Nazi concentration camps played on her mother’s piano—and the realization her mother, a fourth generation southern Jew, was pregnant with her as they were being written. We taste sweet-potato pies and feel the wooden pews of churches turning their backs as gay men die. We watch children dive from the top of the refrigerator into their father’s arms and as young adults shovel dirt onto his wooden coffin. We accompany a widow rebuilding her life, finding a Mason jar for fireflies for her grandchildren.

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Eve Hoffman’s book of memories arrives at a conflicted time in American life and culture, and provides much needed insight into the paths that led us here and possibilities for going forward. Her voice provides a rare window into complicated issues of identity, community, social evil and moral possibilities. I hope that you will peer into this unsettling mirror, invited by her lyrical gifts, and begin the process of reflection, dialogue and action to repair a broken world.        ~Robert M. Franklin, President Emeritus, Morehouse College


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Contact: Mercer University Press or evehoffman@bellsouth.net to arrange readings.




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