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Eve Hoffman’s Poetry & Writing

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New manuscript–almost done! 

Mostly narrative verse. Stories through the lens of Eve Hoffman’s life as a white, southern, Jewish, Smith College educated woman. Ranges from loving Guernsey cream to walking into an exhibit of 100 postcards of lynchings.  If the Dewey Decimal System still existed…hmmm,  it could be filed under nature, race, anti-semitism, anti-LGBT, environment, agriculture, life of a woman.

 Red Clay is now out of print.


RED CLAY –out of print

Eve Hoffman’s is a well-seasoned voice, a storyteller’s voice, the voice of a woman whose girlhood in the south – dirt roads and damp sheets on clotheslines; bombed synagogues and segregation and the Ku Klux Klan – is evoked here, along with her seasons as daughter and mother and wife and widow, in loving detail, in rich remembrance.

Cecilia Woloch Most recent book of poetry, Carpathia

 An authentic Southern voice with a universal chord, Eve Hoffman’s poetry continues down that remarkable path of great Southern writers before her. In Red Clay she tells of children, parents, a husband, school, tragedy, friendship, war and love. Set against a background of sky and earth, her poetry testifies to the enduring power and appeal of place.  

Jamil Zainaldin, President, Georgia Humanities Council


Eve  is available to do RED CLAY readings, media, discussions. Contact: to arrange a reading (sales and signings!) with your service club, neighborhood,book group, church/synagogue, book store,  etc.

A CELEBRATION OF HEALING — Lives Impacted by Breast Cancer — Art and Healing

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Copy of draft#101 early cover

SAL BROWNFIELD, artist, with EVE HOFFMAN, writer

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 A Celebration of Healing   is an art book, a book of stories bringing encouragement and confidence to those impacted by breast cancer and other serious illness.  It is neither a cancer “how to” guide nor a Hallmark card – rather a book giving permission to laugh, to cry, rage and to know one is not alone.  The twenty-one paintings and narratives build bridges between the physical and emotional needs of patients, families, friends and the medical community. They become a part of the healing.

A Celebration of Healing includes a wide range of breast cancer experiences and demographics.  Reader after reader, including those with different kinds of cancer, have commented, I wish I’d had this book when diagnosed.  These are my stories, my stories!  Others have suggested A stack of Celebration  should be in every doctor’s waiting room.

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 A portion of all sales go to breast cancer organizations.   

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Upcoming Celebration of Healing Exhibit and Book Signings

January 12-February 7 Celebration of Healing paintings will be on display at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, January 14-February 7, in conjunction with the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Wit by Margaret Edson.

January 23 and February 6. Sal Brownfield and Eve Hoffman will sign copies of their book A Celebration of Healing after the matinee and before the evening performance of the play.

February 3. Sal Brownfield will be part of a community conversation on stage after the evening performance of Wit.

eve and sal at hudgens


The power of art in healing, the strength in community. A few moments —

  • Members of a breast cancer support group taking photos of each other beside their favorite painting.
  • A woman bringing a friend to the exhibition who had shut down about her diagnosis and opened up when surrounded by the paintings and stories.
  • Pre-K teachers, who with their children, unexpectedly walked past the paintings on the way to a children’s areas and quietly explain that these were people who had been sick and are now much better.  No apologies or embarrassment about nudity.


We are scheduling exhibitions, talks at conferences and groups for 2016, especially October which is breast cancer month. We hope you will consider Celebration of Healing as part of your annual planning. Contact us: celebrationof

Sal Brownfield and Eve Hoffman